The artist's work spans a range of media, including sculpture, photography and poetry. He lives and works near Paris, France.


Kotsuhiroi's work has been featured in many Museums and institutions all over the world (Brooklyn Museum, Museum at FIT New York, Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris, Trapholt Museum of Art Denmark, The Albukerque Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum, Manchester Currier Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Frick Art & Historical Center Museum, SHOW Studio Gallery London, The M°BA Biennale Netherlands among others... ) and has also been included in numerous books and publications.


"I am not what I am, my name is a «nom de guerre», a built identity of existence, an identity which is not in affiliation with compulsory social or family relationship anymore.  Our self, as a condition of our own reality. I'm the surrogate mother of my own self, devourer of my nights in the gaping hole of an injured destiny. I am a man in the uncertainty of the day, watching sounds of heat as locked memories."





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