Winter 2015



Poem published in the book "In The Woods & On The Hearth" by Jan Van Rijn





EN / FR      Poem translated from French by Aoi Kotsuhiroi and Emilie Noteris




My tears covered your vagina

of these daily meetings

with another ourself

of this erased face

each day


to satisfy

our hidden fantasies

The night of your body

wets my dreams

and I slide

the nameless object

in the slowness and the slow


the fluid flows

a warm silk through the fingers

A woman who changed

her smile

and that burning hand

opening the night

The leather of the body hugging

the wish

attached to envy

flesh marking desire


respiration of the intimate

A horn of pleasure

which grows down

in the sense of the earth

emotion of this warm rain

that flows

Sucking the wound of that vagina

saliva healing the scar

I spit on your wounds

and put my hands

saliva of words

a food of you

In this knowledge

these inner reversed


so that your face

slips into the other side

The back of you opened

Wiping your feet from their wounds

bruised by lies

allow to flow caresses of abundance

the beginning from your eyes

the intimate moment

Mood poured into the mouth

far from the odorless

a bit viscid

of the adding of words of sweat

of peeing water

of turning the eyes away from heaven

Closing the mouth again

muffling the sound

Wounded hair

Deflowering the days

removing the coolness from night

covering it with noises

discharged by the maw

the disguise

expelled material

organ of a long prayer

The deployed pubis

opaque liquid substance


gaze lost

punished for having tasted

Pushing back the flow into the bottom

of desire

sealing that feeling

smooth in the mouth