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curated by Lidwij Edekoort

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The biennale’s main exhibition consists of 13 rooms representing  different  kinds of fetishes: Nudism, Masochism, Infantilism, Regionalism, Patriotism, Consumerism, Romanticism,  Spiritualism,  Legendism,  Futurism,  Constructivism,  Nomadism  and Shamanism. The exhibition will feature inspiring garments, film and photography as well as accessories and  other  objects. Our research includes the most intriguing and creative fashions from outsider ateliers all over the planet.



FETISHISM IN FASHION BOOK, a full-colour 200-page publication  created  to  mark  the 2013 MºBA biennale will be available.  This  book features inspiring visuals and intriguing articles by creative thinkers and experts.

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"ORCHIDACEA HERMAPHRODITUS" Sculptures and Photos by Aoi Kotsuhiroi ©


Excerpt from the book "Fetishism in Fashion"

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